“KALVACHA” JSC holds in stock:

  • LPG storage tanks with 80 m3 volume
  • High output pumps and compressors for unloading LPG
  • Sale of tanker trucks and railroad tankers
  • The company holds its own storage base with:

Auto and railroad unloading trestles
electronic auto scales
railroad scales

The company owns LPG storehouse, auto and railroad trestles, electronic auto and railroad scales. The enterprise executes loading and unloading of LPG and other petroleum products for foreign clients.

The storehouse is located at the freight station in Stara Zagora, Boruj plant station, “KALVACHA” industrial track


KALVACHA possesses specialized road tankers, equipped with pumps, counters for recording the unloaded quantities of propane-butane gas.

“KALVACHA” JSC executes delivery, transportation, and unloading of LPG with own auto and railroad vehicles. 
The company offers for rent railroad tankers for LPG transportation and is an authorized representative of the German Corporation ARETZ+CO for renting railroad tankers.

It has own storehouses for propane-butane gas and has signed long term delivery contracts with local and foreign manufacturers. KALVACHA-AD supplies its clients with the required propane-butane quantities any time of the day, including the weekends and the holidays.

It sells EX-stock LPG tanks of 1000 to 100 000 liters. When signing a  contract for delivery of propane-butane gas, it provides  free a tank up to  2 700 liters.