The company offers full range of equipment for LPG stations. LPG tanks from 1 000 liters up to 100 000 liters of German origin are available on stock. They meet the TUV standards and the Regulation N 28 of the Standardization Committee.

LPG Dispensers. Pumps. Flow meters. Counters. All kinds of pipes and fixture. Equipment and fixture for road tankers. Compact portable LPG stations.

KALVACHA-AD possesses a standard for measuring of propane-butane gas. The company is the only authorized service provider for gas equipment in the country. 

Liquefied propane-butane is one of the cheapest and ecologically clean sources of energy,
which has wide application in household, industrial, construction, and agricultural uses.

Supplying of hot water for
consumers in private and public
baths, swimming pools,
holiday houses, mountain hostels,
hotels, commercial sites.

Supplying LPG gas for 
kitchen appliances,
restaurants and households.


Heating of houses, villas,
garages and commercial buildings.

Satisfying the energy needs of buildings, glasshouses, nurseries, dryers, dairy processing facilities and farms.