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The Kalvacha Group, Bulgaria is a top industrial and commercial organization that has been growing very fast during the last few years. Our employees are strongly encouraged to upgrade and specialize in their unique spheres of performance. Entering the company every new employee is being trained in different vocational fields so that during their first years in the company they could develop and uncover their abilities and skills and reach the optimum levels of customer service and satisfaction. In order to cope with our activities that have been constantly increasing we recruit young and ambitious professionals who would have the strong desire to join our team. We aim at discovering and recruiting young and committed to success individuals, with excellent communication and organizational skills. It is our belief we are going to meet young persons who will contribute for the growth and the prestige of our organization and will be ready to promote by all means the strongly positive image of the company. We are looking for prospective candidates who would solve the tasks and the problems that may arise before them with pleasure and unconventional way of thinking and who are willing to take significant responsibility since the very beginning of their careers. If you strongly desire to take the outstanding opportunity to become an essential part of our team, please be so kind to send your CV and a letter of interest to:

We take the engagement to invite you to an interview as soon as we need to recruit a professional responding to your qualifications and abilities.


  1. Supply Manager

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