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18-th Avio Show in Airport "KALVACHA"
Every year Airport "KALVACHA" and Avio Delta Design organise the Traditional 18-th Avio Show "Kazalak 2008", which is going to take place on 17th and 18th of May under the patronage of Bulgarian Association of light aviation.

72nd International exposition in Thessaloniki
From 8th to 16th september in Greece will lead the 72nd International exposition in Thessaloniki. Kalvacha Engineering will participate in the forthcoming fair along with the greek company Sime LTD. “Kalvacha” and “Sime” are partners from more than two years.
For difference of other Balkan countries, the using of LPG as fuel for automobiles isn’t so widespread in Greece, that is why the forthcoming exposition will give “Kalvacha Engineering” the opportunity to penetrate in the market of our south neighbour, demonstrating a part of it’s varied production range and introduce to the greek companies the high quality of it’s gas equipment..

European LPG Association Exhibition and Congress
From 6th to 8th of July 2007 Kalvacha Gas and Kalvacha Engineering took a part of prestigious European LPG Association Exhibition and Congress, which took a place in Nice-France this year.
Kalvacha Engineering presented part of its products as LPG dispenser with pump aggregate inside and LPG pump unit-special developed for underground filling stations.
More than 1500 visitors from 40 countries, related to LPG industry, attended the Fair, in order to acquaint your self with offered products and innovations in this field of business.
Impressive was the interest of visitors from countries as Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar and Iran.
Kalvacha Gas representatives, who participated in LPG Association Congress, have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with their foreign partners and colleagues, to find new modern technologies and innovations and to get closer to tendency of global LPG market.

Technical fair in Belgrade-Serbia
From 08 to 11 of May this year, company Tempo Gaz which is exclusive representative of Kalvacha Engineering JSC in the territory of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia takes a part of prestige technical fair Belgrade-Serbia. The company exhibits underground filling station, tanks and the new developed-LPG Dispenser with pump aggregate inside.
There was great interest to the exposed products. Contracts for three LPG filling stations and one petrol station were concluded. Spares for more than 7000 Euro were sold.

ATEX certificates for all LPG Dispensers
Kalvacha Engineering successfully certified its production of LPG Dispensers according to the European norms and directives. All LPG dispensers, including the new-developed dispensers with pump aggregate inside have ATEX certificates, which is a guaranty for the high European quality of the equipment and opportunity to penetrate into new markets..

European Exhibitions AMI in Leipzig Germany
Kalvacha Engineering representatives took a part at one of the most significant European Exhibitions AMI in Leipzig Germany.
The Fair is specialized into auto spares, workshops, LPG and petrol equipment. This is the most appropriate forum to acquaint your self with new technologies, developed from the leading producers.
This year the Fair was visited from more that 270 000 guests from 35 countries.

Бизнес визита в Индия
Вследствие на успешното двугодишно присъствие на Кълвача Инженеринг на Индийския пазар, представители на фирмата осъществиха първата си бизнес визита в Индия от 28.02 до 12.02.2007
Проведоха се срещи с нови фирми, както и търговски преговори и тренинг на сервизните екипи на индийските компании, които вече работят и поддържат оборудването на Кълвача Инженеринг.
От особен интерес се оказаха срещите с Вице Президента на индийската газова асоциация г-н Joseph John и Главният Изпълнителен Директор на индийския Технически Надзор.
До момента 30% от всички газколонки на индийския пазар са производство на Кълвача Инженеринг.
Освен доказалите се вече със своето високо качество газколонки, фирмата навлиза на пазара и с помпи-Кълвача, към които има нарастващ интерес..

Business visit in India
As a result of two years presence of Kalvacha Engineering JSC in Indian market, company’s representatives realized their first business visit in India from 28of February to 12 of March 2007.
There were held meetings with new companies and commercial negotiations and training of service teams of companies, which have already worked and maintenance the Kalvacha Engineering’s equipment.
Extremely interesting was founded the meeting with the Vice President of Indian LPG association and meeting with Indian Chief Controller of Explosives.
Currently 30% of all LPG dispensers existing in Indian market are Kalvacha Engineering production.
Besides the LPG dispensers, which’s high quality is already proved; the company penetrates to the market with pumps-Kalvacha, the interest in which is growing rapidly..

LPG exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine
From the 13 of March to 16 of March 2007 Kalvacha Engineering JSC participated in the prestigious LPG exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine.
135 companies took a part in the fair.
Kalvacha Engineering participation was jointly with the Ukrainian partner company- Rohe Kiev.
There were exhibited single LPG dispenser, pump aggregate for propane butane, nozzles and etc. The interest into abovementioned equipment was remarkable.
There were held meetings with all important local companies-exhibitors and customers.
As a result of the proved presence of Kalvacha Engineering in Ukraina, we expect the growth of the sales will increase significantly. .

Christmas barbeque
As usual this year "Kalvacha Group" will celebrate traditionally its Christmas barbeque. The delicious grilled pork and Bulgarian red wines will be specially prepared for Kalvacha customers, partners and guests, as well as for the whole Kalvacha staff..

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