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The Kalvacha Group operates a range of businesses - imports, trade and distribution of LPG; storage of fuels and oils, wholesaling and retailing of fuel and oil within and outside of country; import, export, re-export and barter; turn-key construction of filling stations; production and trade with gas and petrol dispensers and other equipment for filling stations; installation and maintenance of filling station equipment; hotel operations and development of spa tourisam; trade with real estates, investments and sales of lands and plots; representation and intermediation for local and foreign firms, etc.

Kalvacha Gas

The main activities of Kalvacha Gas include import, distribution, wholesale and retail of LPG, as well as supply for households and industrial plants. They are carried out on the basis of frame contracts with LPG suppliers (refineries from Romania, Greece, Turkey, etc.) and the deliveries are well diversified. Most of the sales of the company are domestic and it supplies LPG to its customers with its own fleet of gas filling cars. Currently export of LPG is carried out to Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

Kalvacha has one of the largest storage, wholesale and retail networks for LPG in Bulgaria. The Company serves its 400 long-term clients with own fleet of gas filling cars. The Company operates a network of 17 autogas filling stations.

Kalvacha Gas is also among the leaders in the LPG distribution in the country. The Company has a market share of about 13%.

This enabled the Company to take the leadership position among its competitors and demonstrates that Kalvacha Gas is one of the key distributors in the LPG business in Bulgaria.

Kalvacha Engineering

The Company holds leading positions in South-East Europe in trade and assembly of equipment for gasoline and LPG filling stations; turn-key projects of filling stations and civil construction; supply and distribution of fuels.

Kalvacha has contracts for filling stations and supply of equipment with Shell, Hellenic Petroleum, OMV, Petrol, Lukoil, Butangas and other local and multinational companies in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, which are among the main long-term clients of the Company.

The Group has daughter companies in Serbia, Romania, Macedonia and Turkey.

Kalvacha Investment

Kalvacha Investment AD was established on 31.10.2002y with activities - trade with real estates, investments and sales of land and plots, assets management, rents and leasing of the assets, concession of a mineral water in six sources - Stara Zagora Mineral Baths and Ovoshnik Baths.


18-th Avio Show in Airport "KALVACHA"
Every year Airport "KALVACHA" and Avio Delta Design organise the Traditional 18-th Avio Show "Kazalak 2008", which is going to take place on 17th and 18th of May under the patronage of Bulgarian Association of light aviation.

72nd International exposition in Thessaloniki
From 8th to 16th september in Greece will lead the 72nd International exposition in Thessaloniki. Kalvacha Engineering will participate in the forthcoming fair along with the greek company Sime LTD. Kalvacha and Sime are partners from more than two years.
For difference of other Balkan countries, the using of LPG as fuel for automobiles isnt so widespread in Greece, that is why the forthcoming exposition will give Kalvacha Engineering the opportunity to penetrate in the market of our south neighbour, demonstrating a part of its varied production range and introduce to the greek companies the high quality of its gas equipment.

European LPG Association Exhibition and Congress
From 6th to 8th of July 2007 Kalvacha Gas and Kalvacha Engineering took a part of prestigious European LPG Association Exhibition and Congress, which took a place in Nice-France this year.
Kalvacha Engineering presented part of its products as LPG dispenser with pump aggregate inside and LPG pump unit-special developed for underground filling stations.
More than 1500 visitors from 40 countries, related to LPG industry, attended the Fair, in order to acquaint your self with offered products and innovations in this field of business.
Impressive was the interest of visitors from countries as Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar and Iran.
Kalvacha Gas representatives, who participated in LPG Association Congress, have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with their foreign partners and colleagues, to find new modern technologies and innovations and to get closer to tendency of global LPG market.

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