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The most important stages in the history of the Kalvacha Group are presented below:

1992 Kalvacha was founded as a single limited liability company, addressing the demand for fuel stations equipment in the country. It started importing fuel dispensers form Germany and was the first to import and adapt this kind of equipment in Bulgaria.

1994 The activities expanded through imports of gas dispensers from Germany and Italy, thus establishing the first gas stations networks on the territory of the country. Subsequently, the development of the market required wider range of services for the clients. To address this, Kalvacha built its own factory and started assembling its own products fuel dispensers for autogas and petrol filling stations. The quality was guaranteed by the use of imported spare parts from renowned suppliers from Western Europe. The equipment was produced according to the European quality standards.

Kalvachas trade activity expanded considerably in the following years. Kalvacha also incorporated a full range of services for its clients through production of dispensers, assembly of complex module stations of various size and capacity in compliance with the clients requirements. As a result of the business professionalism, the good quality of its production, the guaranteed after-sales service, fast delivery and assembly, Kalvacha won a number of big clients such as the chains of gas stations of Shell Gas and OMV, which have become its key customers. Kalvacha started the construction of own gas stations in the region, thus introducing supply and sale of LPG into its list of activities.

1995 Kalvacha is registered as a joint-stock company and the new company Kalvacha AD is successor of all the assets, liabilities and contractual obligations of the old single person limited liability company.

1997 Kalvacha started trading with LPG as dealer of Lukoil-Neftochim by purchasing LPG from the refinery and distributing it to its customers and own gas stations.

2001 Lukoil-Neftochim changed its policy regarding gas distribution in the country. It started working with exclusive distributors on the basis of monthly quotas. The market trends in the demand of LPG and the changes introduced by the local refinery, made Kalvacha shift its focus towards direct imports of LPG and establishing business relations with refineries from Romania, Yugoslavia, Greece, Ukraine, etc.

2002 Due to the considerable business growth the management took the decision to separate the different business lines into four companies and form the Kalvacha Group. As of 1 November 2002 Kalvacha Gas AD takes over the operations for import, trade and distribution of LPG, under the already established name.

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