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Kalvacha Gas



The company “KALVACHA GAS” AD  has the  image of the fastest growing company on the Bulgarian  market of  propane - butane gas.

The company has its own production terminal with the capacity of more than 10 000 MT monthly strategically situated on the territory of Stara Zagora  town - the  geographical  center of  Bulgaria.

“KALVACHA GAS” AD has more than 200 rail cars that are used for  the  gas  propane - butane deliveries.

The company trades from its own LPG depot and supplies directly clients all over the country by LPG trucks. “KALVACHA GAS” AD is dealing with more than 500 clients  in  Bulgaria. The company is basic supplier  for OMV, Eko Elda and  Naftex  Group. Monthly sales are from 3000 to 8 000 MT propane - butane gas. Import and export  of  propane - butane  gas.

Import, Wholesale and Retail of LPG
“KALVACHA GAS” AD owns the biggest gas terminal in Bulgaria, its own storage premises for propane-butane gas and it has signed long-term contracts for supply with local and foreign companies. Discharging of Russian and European rail cars. The company has been present on the market of fuels since 13 years. “KALVACHA GAS” AD works with almost all refineries in South-Eastern Europe, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, and other countries in the region. The earned long experience provides the company with quite a mine of information and an explanation of the fact that the company offers only a high-quality product on the Bulgarian market complying with the European standards.

Rail transport of LPG
Transport and delivery of LPG in own rail cars. The company is a representative of the German company Aretz+Co for rail car rent and rail transport of LPG.

Auto transport of LPG
All LPG tank trucks of the company are equipped with pumps and volume flow meters, produced by Siemens. Introducing the European norms for trade, on all LPG tank trucks electronic flow meters of Liquid Control with ability of temperature compensation of the discharged quantity at 15oC have been mounted. The accuracy of the flow meters is checked once per month applying the calibration by a calibration stand of Liquid Control with accuracy up to 0,03%. The electronic version sets the opportunity for exclusively precise calibration in the range of 0,1% and minimizing of the error when different flows of discharging. The LPG tank trucks are equipped with the brand new system for positioning and tracing of their movement on the territory of Bulgaria and the neighboring countries.

A range of gas stations
Property of the company is a range of gas stations, equipped with the most modern installations in accordance with international ecological standards.

Imports and Light Fuels Sales

In the terminal in Stara Zagora a trestle for charging and discharging of light fuels has been built. The company imports them by railway transportation and delivers light fuels to petrol stations in the whole country.

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