Electronic LPG Dispensers  type LPGK    220, 230

LPGK- 220 
LPGK- 230 
The electronic dispensers, type LPGK- 220 and 230 for propane-butane gas can be calibrated and can be controlled both from the central office of the petrol/gas station or independently. 
The new generation an electronic LPG dispenser has all advantages of the older types plus low service costs, durability, high efficiency, high reliability and safety at a good price. 


nozzle for auto gas device
propane-butane aggregate including: flow meter, difference valve and pulser
╠ňchanics :

  The LPG dispensers, type  LPGK-220 are equipped with:
- special LPG flow meters, connected to an electronic head 
- fine strainer with a removable filter 
- gas separator with a check valve 
- ball valve DN 10 for the main gas pipe 
- ball valve DN 20 for the high pressure gas pipe 
- high pressure  manometer with a  relief connection 
- high pressure delivery hose with a breaking coupling, 
  5 meters long, electro conductive, anti-stationary 100 bars bursting pressure 
- hose with a latch,  LG type 
- safety valve, adjusted at 25 bars pressure, TUV approved 
- differential valve with an automatic emergency flap 

Electronic head

-  turning-on feeding device 
-  low power interface 
-  CPU of the dispenser 
-  two electronic indicators / 1" height of the symbols / 
-  two luminescent tubes, 18 W each 

Special features of the electronic head:

- protection of the data after turning off the power supply for minimum 1 year period by 
  a lithium battery, built-in diagnostic   program 
- data transfer with a cash register 
- displaying amount, quantity and price of the sold fuel with 6 digits 
  (before and after the decimal). The indications do not reset after putting back the filling nozzle. 
- electronic totalizer  for envelopment of the summed data  (sales and turnover) in autonomous
- working  in  autonomous mode and in a controlled  by an electronic system with a fiscal memory


Motor, pump, and by-pass valve are put out of the dispenser in proximity of the tank. Ďhey are not included in the dispenser delivery. 

Technical data of the LPG dispensers LPGK - 220, 230 

Operating overpressure                              ýÓx. 25 bar. 
Minimum flowrate                                        5      l/min 
Maximum flowrate                                       50     l/min 
╠inimum delivered fuel                              5       l 
Rated diameter                                             DN 20 
Volume of the measuring compartment    4 x 0, 25 l 
Accuracy rate                                               1 


Overall dimensions:
LPGK 220, 230
250 kg
Height /dispenser/
1820 mm
Height /hydraulic part/ /
795 mm
520 mm
930 mm

Electric parameters: 
LPGK 220, 230
Power consumption
max. 60 W
Electronic calculator
220V AC
And lighting
+ 10/- 15 %
50Hz, 1A

Recommended values:
LPGK 220, 230
Pipeline for the fuel liquid phase
DN 25 (1")
Pipeline for the fuel gas phase
DN 15
Power supply cable
6 x 1,5 mm2
Interface cable
8 x 0,25 mm2